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Learning ECMAScript 6

Learn all the new ES6 features and be amongst the most prominent JavaScript developers who can write efficient JS programs as per the latest standards!About This BookLearn a powerful approach to writing object-oriented JavaScript code using ES6Create and use ES6 modules to learn to write smart, modularized JavaScript codeThe book will take you step-by-step through a wide array of examples, giving you tips on how to make the best use of the latest ES6 featuresWho This Book Is ForIf you are a JavaScript developer with basic development, and now want to learn about the latest features in order to develop better client-side programs with JavaScript, then this book is for you.What You Will LearnExplore the usage of new syntaxes introduced by ES6Use the new prototype-based features introduced by ES6Execute ES6 in an old non-supported ES6 environmentWrite asynchronous code using promise to facilitate the writing of better asynchronous code that is easier to read and maintainCreate reflection objects and implement the ES6 Reflect APIGet to know object-oriented programming and create objects using classesBuild proxies using the ES6 proxy API and understand its usesCreate JavaScript libraries using ES6 modulesIn DetailECMAScript 6 is the new edition to the ECMAScript language, whose specifications are inherited by JavaScript. ES6 gives a vast makeover to JavaScript by adding new syntaxes and APIs to write complex applications and libraries that are easier to debug and maintain. ES6 aims to keep JavaScript accessible for casual developers, even after adding so many new features.This book will provide step-by-step instructions on how to apply ES6 features instead of old JavaScript hacks and methods.The book will start by introducing all the built-in objects of ES6 and how to create ES6 custom Iterators. Next, it will teach you how to write asynchronous code in a synchronous style using ES6.Moving on, it will teach you how to create reflection objects, use it to expose hidden object properties, and test the security of these objects. Next, the book provides use case scenarios of meta programming by showing you how to create proxies and proxy functions, along with use case scenarios of meta programming by teaching you how to create proxies and proxy functions.Finally, it explains old modular programming techniques such as IIFE, CommonJS, AMD, and UMD and also compares it with Node.js modules and how ES6 modules can increase the performance of websites when used.Style and approachThis book is a pragmatic guide that takes you through the ES6 APIs and other features in a conversational and easy-to-follow style. Each topic is explained with examples and use cases.

Paperback: 181 pages

Publisher: Packt Publishing - ebooks Account (October 1, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1785884441

ISBN-13: 978-1785884443

Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 0.5 x 9.2 inches

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Average Customer Review: 3.9 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (15 customer reviews)

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I feel bad giving this a two-star review.There are countless ways to learn ES6 (now ES2015) online. I like books, though. So, I got this book because it was a book, and I wanted to learn more about ES2015 from a book.I really don't want to insult the author or its reviewers. They're all clearly competent developers, and the book treats a lot of interesting topics. However, it also reads like it skipped several rounds of copy-editing. The english is incredibly difficult to parse at times, and there are *a lot* of minor (but annoyingly frequent) syntax errors in the code samples (e.g., "Var" instead of "var", missing spaces after certain keywords, etc.).I'm 100 pages in, and I feel like I significantly overpaid for this book. That being said, I'm still learning things.

I like this book. As one reviewer mentioned, the English is a little rugged at times, but as an early entrant in the ES6 book market it has merit. The book is a concise survey of what is new in ES6, and the examples are succinct and to the point. The examples sometimes include a little twist that gives additional insight into JavaScript technique.My interests lean to server-side JavaScript, so I ran the book examples using Node.js v4 and Babel.js with good results. I learned a lot about ES6 and am satisfied with the book and the time I spent with it.I would give the book five stars for technical content, but have to take back a star for the unsteady English. If you can look past that minor flaw, and you want to get started learning what's new with ES6, I think you will enjoy this book.

This book was clearly not edited thoroughly--or at all for that matter--and was very poorly written (I don't intend to be mean, I'm trying to be as accurate as possible, especially considering I'm a fellow educator in the programming arena) . Proper grammar and clarity are an important part of educational materials and neither should be overlooked. The writing is so poor to the point that it's cognitively taxing to follow what the author is saying. The code examples are also so basic to the point that they aren't effective, not to mention there is no scaffolding in this book whatsoever.

I don't like giving things a bad review, but I'm extremely disappointed with the quality of this book and if I weren't lazy, I'd try and get a refund.I regularly and heavily read programming books and text-books and am rarely disappointed. Even if a book doesn't really fulfill my needs I usually appreciate it as long as it is professionally made and has decent content (basically, as long as it would have helped somebody).Getting down to it, the writing in this book is shoddy; there are errors in the English all over the place. There are missed plurals, completely missing words, and extremely awkwardly (at best) written sentences throughout the book (though most pages read alright; inconsistent reviewing?). Worse yet, the content is not even very useful.Much of this book reads more like a poor-man's Java-Doc than a text-book. I just got to chapter 7 and the last chapter was basically "Hey, ES6 has a better reflection API, here's the fifteen functions and brief descriptions of them in order with minimal examples. The only real use cases or justifications for why these things even exist or are useful are on a single page at the end in bullet-point form like they were added lazily when someone complained about it. So, you don't know who would use them for what or why. At least a few of the earlier chapters followed the exact same pattern as well, and it gets more frustrating with every passing chapter.Even the few key ES6 topics, e.g. promises, are not well managed. They clearly paid more attention to key topics and provided extra examples, but they favor silly examples with tons copy-paste for the sake of very minor modifications over any real content. The end result is you can read it without extracting much value.Anyway, sorry for the rant; but I felt gypped on this one.

This book focuses on exploring the new standard for scripting by reviewing all the new and powerful items of ECMAScript 6, and especially the javascript adaptation of this language. If you are a web developer who wants to start developing future proof code or don't want to get caught unprepared when it gets adopted widespread, this is your book. With topics covering from basic issues like syntax and APIS to advanced matters like software design architecture and all accompanied with several examples that provide all you need to achieve the transition to ECMAScript 6 is included in the book. The only complain I have is sometimes this book feels a little draft-like, maybe with a more exhaustive revision process the book will be a masterpiece, so I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5.

I have been developing in Javascript/ECMAScript for a little over 18 years. Until recently I haven't had to worry about the latest and greatest commands and functions because you were expected to support IE8 and up. Now that IE10+ is only supported starting Jan 2016 I realized I needed to re-up my game and be ready for all the new functionality that is available to me.I've always been a fan of Packt Publishing so this eBook seemed like a no brainer for me. Simply laid out, not too dumbed-down and enough copy/paste examples that I now feel comfortable with the new functions. Will probably take another skim through once I'm closer to actually moving to ECMAScript 6 and beyond.

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