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Programming And Customizing The Basic Stamp Computer (TAB Microcontrollers)

Based on the authors popular monthly column in Nuts & Volts magazine, this is the first complete English-language guide to BASIC Stamp -- the easy-to-use, single-board computer that runs a PIC microcontroller. It walks hobbyists through 12 complete projects, from traffic light simulators to robot runabouts, that illustrate how to program Stamp applications on DOS or Windows PCs. True novices will find plenty of background material, such as how to read schematics and identify components.

Series: TAB Microcontrollers

Paperback: 284 pages

Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill; Bk&CD-Rom edition (March 1998)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0079136842

ISBN-13: 978-0079136848

Product Dimensions: 1 x 7.5 x 9.2 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds

Average Customer Review: 3.9 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (17 customer reviews)

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Does the thought of programming your own micro computer device get you into a cold sweat? Did me, until Scott Edwards publish this book.Using this book I was able, in four hours, program the Basic Stamp II to do most of the simple things I wanted. Now, I have had some electronics experience but not at programming PIC based devices but I found it very easy with this book.Its simply set out and starts at a level that will allow even the most raw beginner to get a foot hold in programming these devices. This is a very good guide to getting you started and soon writing your own programs. It may look a bit on the expensive side but it was worth every one of my discounted pennys!

Scott Edward's book is targetted for the beginner that wants to get into electronics and has heard that the Stamp is a pretty neat thing. The book starts out with an introduction to the Stamp and Electronics in general. Included is a pretty good primer on prototyping circuits.From this, the user is give more detail on the Stamp (including how to build programmer cables) followed by "Boot Camp": an introduction to programming the Stamp and basic I/O. Scott spends equal time on the BS1 and BS2 and notes differences between the two.My only disappointment with the book is while he introduces the more advanced I/O functions ("DEBUG", "SERIN", "SEROUT" and "BUTTON") in the example projects and appendices, he doesn't explicity explain them or give hints based on his experience.The majority of the book is dedicated to the twelve projects presented in the book and this is where the reader will learn the most abo! ! ut the Stamp. The projects focus on interfacing to other devices and this is where the book really shines. LCD (not surprisingly), RS-232 Serial, Keypad, Servo, temperature probe and an Ultrasonic (!) interfaces caught my eye.

Extremely clear and well written. Fills in areas where the Stamp manuals are weak. The included CD is as useful as the book. The CD includes Stamp 1 & 2 programming software, the Basic program code for the original Stamp manuals, and the excellent series on Stamps that Scott wrote for Nuts & Volts Magazine.

Fun, easy to read and understand, with loads of hand-on very well written instructions and a big bonus- excellent photos to help build your stamp projects. You won't be disappointed!

Well-known from his BASIC Stamp column in Nuts&Volts Magazine Scott Edwards summarizes most of the aspects of dealing with Parallax's BASIC Stamp Single-Chip Microcontrollers. The beginner can get help in understanding electronic fundamentals as components and building electronics circuits before starting with BASIC Stamp experiments. Scott imparts the first knowledge about the BASIC Stamp in two didactic well-guided chapters before some interesting applications follow. The appendix gives a BASIC Stamp Quick Reference Guide and some fundamentals needed in the practical work always again. The added CD contains the development environment for both types of BASIC Stamp and a lot of source text completed with information from Parallax and Nuts&Volts magazine. I am sure, Scott's book will help people with different background to understand the small but fascinating BASIC Stamp and will be widely read therefore.

I am an electronics tech by trade, and I love this book. It gives examples in parallel for the STAMP1 and the STAMP2 so its easy to adapt, overcome, and have fun. The examples teach more advanced topics that really pay off, and as a cool after effect, they give the user neat original ideas. If your into any do it your self project, this is the book for you!

The (Ultimate) resource for the Basic Stamp enthusiast. Scott has done a fantastic job with this book. Clear and concise coverage of everything from A-Z for the Basic Stamp. Outstanding code examples,schematics and projects. Scott goes well beyond the Basic Stamp to cover some necessary basic electronics fundamentals as well. If you use the Basic Stamp I or II, you will want this book. "Most Highly Recommended".

The worse book I have ever read. I cannot believe how some "authors" throw anything on paper".First the CD does not include anything really new you can download free and better stuff from Parallax or the internet.The book starts with the first sevens chapters explaining some basic electronics that even an elementary school kid will know like how potentiometers and solder-less breadboards work also some very basic programs, after a few mistakes no major problems even though most programs are loops and LED blinkers. But after what the author call the" boot camp chapters" (2) ,the book gets really crazy right away after you finish the "boot camp", which only included some easy basic 4 to 8 lines programs it gets you to 3 pages programs on the next chapter a big leap I think ,also all the projects are practically impossible to build as you will need to spend a fortune in parts available from different vendors and from the author himself, like the $50 (2X16) serial LCD from Mr. Edwards (I got a parallel (4X20) for $10 and a serial kit for $5 from Ebay and made my own) a real headache it is harder to get the parts than to do the projects, then in some of them the author does not give you enough information like with one device (X-10) he uses from Radio Shack that connect the BS2 to a modem and then he provides a phone number for you to call to get the info.

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