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Sex, Romance, And The Glory Of God: What Every Christian Husband Needs To Know

"Scripture illuminates the path of marital intimacy. The Song ofSolomon shines brightly, showing us the way to the best sex we canpossibly experience.""As practical as it is profound, Sex, Romance, and the Glory ofGod may well be the best book on marriage I've ever read. I wasmotivated to love my wife more and broadened in my understanding ofhow loving my wife brings glory to God . . . this book is truly atreasure."Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage and SacredParenting"Men, if you are looking for a book that will give you a feweasy tips for spicing up your sex life, look somewhere else. Thisbook invites you instead to completely revolutionize your romanticrelationship with your wife. It calls all of us to a more profoundand deeply satisfying kind of countercultural sex than most of ushave ever experienced."Bob Lepine, co-host of FamilyLife Today, author of TheChristian Husband"There's not a husband I know that won't benefit from this book.This is more than a book for the bedroom. It will train you toromance your wife and set you on a lifelong pursuit of winning herheart. Wives, do yourselves a favor and buy this book for yourhusbands!"Joshua Harris, author of Boy Meets Girl

Hardcover: 128 pages

Publisher: Crossway; English Language edition (June 17, 2004)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1581346247

ISBN-13: 978-1581346244

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I felt a deep sense of deja vu as I read Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God. It took me only a few pages to realize that this book, in a condensed form, forms the basis for a chapter in Sex and the Supremacy of Christ (edited by John Piper and Justin Taylor). I had enjoyed that particular chapter of Sex and the Supremacy of Christ and felt certain I would likewise enjoy this lengthened version.Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God is based loosely on the Song of Solomon. C.J. Mahaney shares my understanding of this book of the Bible stating simply, "It's about sex" (page 9). While many have attempted to allegorize Solomon's song, few have succeeded with any degree of credibility. "That's right gentlemen." says Mahaney, "Solomon's Song of Songs is an entire book of the Bible devoted to the promotion of sexual intimacy within the covenant of marriage. It's an eight-chapter feast of unbridled, uninhibited, joyous immersion in verbal and physical expressions of passion between a man and a woman" (page 10). Amen. So as the reader prepares to read this book, he must prepare to celebrate God's gift of sex. The author says, "The purpose of the book you hold in your hands is to lead us back into God's ideal of joyful, unashamed, indulgent, loving sexuality in the context of marriage" (pages 14-15). This book is directed primarily to men, largely because it is the husband's role (not an author's) to lead his wife into a fuller understanding of what Scripture teaches about sexuality. Mahaney will provide the foundation men can build upon to discover with his wife how sex and romance can be done to the glory of God.Following an introductory chapter Mahaney uncovers the divine purpose for marriage. This, he teaches, is to reflect the relationship between Christ and the Church.

That simple phrase is what all of us men need to hear: "Before you touch her body, touch her heart and mind." Cursorily using Song of Solomon as an illustration of true biblical covenant love, C.J. Mahaney has written one of the most useful books that I have ever read.This book is written for men. Men need to step up and lead in romancing the marriage. Therefore Mahaney asks that men don't read this book with their wives. Great intimacy, including sex is something that every marriage should be full of. If that is missing, it is primarily the husband's issue that he needs to fix. Then in chapter 2 he moves on to give the biblical God-given purpose for marriage from Ephesians 5: "A profound mystery, revealed to all to see."My favorite chapters then follow (3-6) in which Mahaney lets the readers draw from his life experiences, his successes and his failures, to help us with romancing our wives, touching their hearts and minds so that then touching their bodies is so much more intimate, frequent, and amazing. These chapters have been so useful to me. I'm not going to ruin it for you by giving you any of the advice here. But let me tell you that just taking advantage of the advice that he gives and the motivation that comes knowing that greater intimacy better glorifies God has already had a very noticeable impact in the two weeks since I finished my first reading of the much so that my wife has told me whatever I read has changed me for the better.Finally he ends in chapter 7 with a mild exposition of Song of Solomon 8:5-7, "Strong as Death, The Enduring Power of Covenant Love." Marital love goes beyond just sex, but sex is truly only as amazing as God designed it to be in the context of marriage.

Sex - God created it, the world abuses it, and most Christians are embarrassed by it.The way the world treats sex is like using a Stradivarius violin to hammer in nails - a thing of wondrous beauty misused and trashed beyond all recognition. For years Christian men have been conned by TV, Hollywood and the press that marriage and sex is about personal pleasure. We have lost the vision of what God intended in marriage.CJ Mahaney's book returns us to the maker's instructions and restores a much profounder biblical perspective of romance within marriage as God intended it. He uses the Song of Solomon to illustrate how men should treat their wives. He puts the masterpiece of marriage back into its God-given frame, showing the significance of what marriage demonstrates - the relationship between Christ and his people. He calls Christian men to selfless sacrificial love, like Christ's love for his Church. He calls men to be leaders, a much-needed truth; and to be thoughtful caring servant husbands, possibly a more needed truth.One of the great lessons repeatedly brought home is: "Before you touch her body, touch her heart and mind."Too often men are more focused on their needs and pleasures. This is not what God intended in marriage - a selfless giving by each person. Mahaney then proceeds to illustrate what this means, and to help us men with the task of romancing our wives, and to develop marriages that go way beyond the physical side of the relationship.This book is a must read for all married men. Some may find Mahaney's frankness startling, but he deals with this delicate subject without being crude or explicit.

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