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Colt : An American Legend

No inventor in the history of American industry has captured the imagination the way Samuel Colt did. His revolving pistol became synonymous with American genius and invention, gave birth to a great manufacturing empire, and was legendary in the history of the Civil War, in the taming of the West, and in campaigns and adventures all over the world--wherever Colonel Colt's invention "made men equal."With more than 3300 color photographs and 115 in black-and-white (all taken especially for this book), Colt: An American Legend illustrates and describes every model Colt produced between 1836 and 1986. There has never been a bigger, more beautiful, or more extraordinary book in the firearms field. The large format of the book allows many of the firearms to be shown full size, and the history, development, and importance of each model and variation are presented and described in authoritative detail. A unique appendix traces the complete serial numbers and year of manufacture of every Colt model — making this book a remarkable and invaluable guide for every serious collector and dealer.

Hardcover: 406 pages

Publisher: Artabras; Sesquicentennial ed edition (December 1, 1985)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0896600114

ISBN-13: 978-0896600119

Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 9 x 11.8 inches

Shipping Weight: 4.4 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.8 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (71 customer reviews)

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Look, you can't get Wilson's seminal, collectible The Book of Colt Firearms because it is out of print, costs $1000 if you can find one, and your wife would kill you.Get this book. This is as close as you can get and is widely available. I use it all the time to look up the date of manufacture of any Colt's I might want to buy. The illustrations are quite outstanding.If you don't know, Mr. Wilson is the most famous Colt expert, who must be incredibly rich to have built his collection. Most of the items shown are from Wilson's own collection, worth millions. He doesn't need the money from this book. It is a labor of love.

This is a book for your coffee table! It of course covers the history of Colt firearms, and was written by (who else?) the historical consultant to the Colt Firearms Division.Wilson is also a well-known collector, free-lance consultant and well-known author in the firearms field. This is his twentieth book, and perhaps his best.The book is well-written, of course, and the epitome of accuracy--deriving its facts and figures directly from the horse's mouth, so to speak--but its greatest value is the exquisite color photography with which it is filled.There are 406 gorgeous eight and a half inch by eleven inch (landscape) pages, almost all of them containing color photographs of great beauty, depicting historical firearms directly from Colt's own collection, as well as from other sources.If you are a firearm aficionado, or a Colt collector, or just a history buff who appreciates the role Colt firearms have played in American history, this is the book for you.It is one of my most prized books.Joseph Pierre, Author of THE ROAD TO DAMASCUS: Our Journey Through Eternity

before buying used, consider the author's own web site & other major bookstores - the book is available new for a very reasonable price.

I bought this book sight unseen based on my interest in the subject matter and from seeing other offerings of RL Wilson and liking them. First off, this book hasn't been updated since it was produced in the late 80s. Lots has changed since that time. First off, I need to claim my biases. When it comes to Colt I am primarily interested in Single Action Armies, 1911s, and the Python/Diamonbacks. That said I couldn't believe how little photography was devoted to the 1911. By far the most numerous of Colts ever made due to WWI and II production. There were very few photos of standard production 1911s and those that were there were of well used and weatherbeaten ones. There were more of the decorative/unique 1911s. I am fortunate enough to live near a collection of Frank Phillip's (Petroleum) Colt's in the museum in Bartlesville, OK. I couldn't believe Wilson would not photograph their Colts. They're pristine, covering every major variant. The Peacemaker was given fair coverage. The Python and Diamondback were given very little coverage. At the time the Diamondback was current production and more blah in his opinion, I am sure. Looking back on it, it was a classic since it was the last affordable, working man's revolver made by Colt. Now, to me, it marks the end of an epoch. Yes, Colt still makes Pythons but they are so expensive, hard to find and production is so limited they are not hardly worth talking about anymore. If you are into the early guns primarily this is probably a great book. Based on my interests this book was a bit of a disappointment.

One of the better references for Colt. As with most references, many high-end pieces are pictured. Along with the near-unattainable pieces described and pictured, there is sufficient coverage of what is available today. The history of Colt and the pieces produced is very good. I would certainly recommend this book for those interested in beginning or furthering their interrest in this fine firearm.

This is an invaluable tome for appreciators of the Colt lineage and for appreciators of the history of the Colt enterprise. In this volume R.L. Wilson chronicles as accurately as possible the real story of how Sam Colt perservered to finally deliver a quantum leap in weapons technology after being rebuffed at first. The marvellous high quality photographs of arms are a treat in themselves and this is a book you'll find yourself pickup up over and over again to enjoy.

This book is chuck full of great high quality color and some black and white photographs, showing the detailed craftmanship of old Colt firearms, from the quality engraving and inlaying to metal and wood working. It gives a complete history of every gun Colt created.Great for collectors and gun enthusiasts alike! I am not a gun collector but I do appreciate great craftsmanship, and this book is full of examples to demonstrate both Arts and History.

This was a Christmas present for a person who never says anything nice about his presents. When he opened this one, he said, "Oh, wow! This is nice! This is nice!" Then he tried to cut the plastic wrap with his fingernail, so he could read the Colt story as soon as possible.

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