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The Gun Digest Book Of The Glock, 2nd Edition

Glock is a popular pick - an estimated 2.5 million people from 100 countries own one."The Gun Digest Book of the Glock, 2nd Edition," expands on the success of the first book with many new photos and hard-to-find data.The Glock's dynamic presence in the military and law enforcement circles around the world, including 65 percent of the U.S. law enforcement agencies, speaks to its innovative design and durability.This new edition also delivers the reliable and detailed model and production data you look for in a good gun guide, along with the extensive equipment guide with the newest models, plus step-by-step illustrations demonstrating ways to maintain and accessorize your Glock.

Paperback: 336 pages

Publisher: Gun Digest Books; 2 edition (June 13, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0896896420

ISBN-13: 978-0896896420

Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 0.7 x 10.9 inches

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Average Customer Review: 3.9 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (49 customer reviews)

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I made the mistake of actually reading the book, rather than skim it or use if for reference. Mr Sweeney is an accomplished gunsmith with years of experience with the 1911 and the Glock. Although he provides a lot of good information on the Glock, it becomes obvious that he truly admires the 1911. Having another, commonly used firearm to use as a reference for comparison is a good thing. But there are many times that the 1911 comes up without benefit to the topic.The Glock information he provides is great, albeit limited in scope; I learned a lot about magazines, other Glock models, and a holster I'd never heard of; I'm glad I have the book on my shelf for reference. Probably the most practical thing I learned is that all Glock mags of the same caliber will fit and function in other Glocks of the same caliber; consequently it makes good sense to carry a 15 round clip (from a Glock 22) to put in your concealed Glock 27 after the first 10 rounds are gone. Makes more sense than investing in a bunch of mag extensions that yield fewer total rounds.But the book has some major drawbacks, too. At one point we are led to believe that he will cover trigger pull adjustment in another section, but this is never addressed. The writing is OK, but the editor should find a new line of work. There are contradictions, circular writing, and other mistakes that a good editor would have picked out; it was difficult to read at times. Probably the worst two issues are that it desperately needs to be updated (lots of talk about the old 1994 gun restrictions, copyright 1993) and there is no index. Tough to be a reference book without one.I haven't read any competing books on the subject, but I can compare it with quality books written on singular subjects. That's how I formulated my rating.

My review on this one is going to be a bit more critical than most. This is probably one of the worst books on Glock pistols that I have read to date. The author is constantly comparing Glocks to 1911's, and other types of pistols. The book is also loaded with plenty of non-Glock images. Mr. Sweeney, I bought this book because I like the Glock, not because I wanted to see plenty of photos of 1911's... ad nauseam. Perhaps Mr. Sweeney should stick to books writing books like his "Gun Digest Book of the 1911", as he has done Glock more than a bit of injustice.You know, I recently purchased Massad Ayoob's excellent book "The Gun Digest Book of Sig-Sauer". Mr. Sweeney, please take note... Massad's book on the Sig is FILLED with useful information and photos related to his book's title... SIG-SAUER PISTOLS!Sorry, but I must recommend a pass on Sweeney's "sort of Glock" book!Hans

This book has a TON of information about the Glock pistols. My only complaint is the author's continuous reference to 1911 pistols. He is an admitted fan who dwells way too much on the 1911 and is continuously comparing it to the Glock. This book would have been better written by someone with a more neutral view. Granted, the author is not continually bashing Glocks (he actually speaks highly of them), but I didn't buy it to read about 1911's.If you're new to Glocks, as I am, I would still recommend this book to you. As I said, TONS of useful info just need to wade through the 1911 talk to get to it.

I bought this 2nd edition of the Gun Digest Book of the Glock, published in 2008 thinking it would be a new and different edition. Unfortunately the 2008 2nd edition is exactly the same book as the 2003 1st edition except for the cover. The 2nd edition contains the same text, the same black and white photos, the same identical chapters as the earlier 1st edition. There is nothing new in this book.It's a fine book with lots of useful information, but re-packaging an older edition without any updates in it is a bit deceiving. If you have the original edition, forget this one. It's the same book.

Excellent! As a beginner, I knew little about guns in general and glocks in particular except that you cannot find a more reliable semiautomatic pistol. Well this book is definitely THE book to update your information on the GLOCK. It gives the history of the weapon and design changes. It is very good read and very informative. Additionally, it also includes information on customization.I can confidently say that this book has increased my knowledge of the glock and increased my appreciation of it.Definitely good value for money.

I just bought my first Glock 21 and thought this would be a good book for a glockowner. When I started reading this book, it becomes clear that he is not passionate about the very subject of his own book. He is a gun mag writer and he writes like one too. Anemic. Like he is too worried about what others might think of him if he drinks the glock koolaid. This book is not written by a real glock fan. I own many handguns....I am not a total Glocker.....but man I want somebody that is a total passionate glocker to write a book about them. I want a paasionate glocks-rock kind of author...and he is just not it.He compares Glocks to his personal love of 1911's. I could careless about 1911's..they are not even in the same class of handguns. This a book about glocks. If you are going to compare guns why the heck not compare glocks to the many other polymer gun out there??? Why Because Glocks are the father of polymer guns. 1911 are in a class of me its apples and oranges.

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