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Military Small Arms Of The 20th Century

This new edition of Ian Hogg's classic is this century's ultimate reference work on the subject of military small arms. It has been fully updated and expanded (by 64 pages) to cover all small arms in military service during the 20th century and now includes many arms listings and photographs that did not appear in earlier editions. Recognised internationally as the leading authority on military small arms, author Ian Hogg was given free rein on this edition; he has delivered the ultimate reference edition for all interested in the history of these arms. Arms coverage includes: Pistols, Submachine Guns, Bolt-Action Rifles, Automatic Rifles, Machine Guns, Anti-Tank/Materiel Rifles and Ammunition.

Series: Military Small Arms of the 20th Century

Paperback: 416 pages

Publisher: Krause Publications; 7 edition (February 10, 2000)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0873418247

ISBN-13: 978-0873418249

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 1 x 11 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (25 customer reviews)

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This book contains some very useful and interesting information. However, it falls far short of being comprehensive. Although the title is "Miltary Small Arms..." the work contains entries for firearms never adopted by any military, and omits significant military-issue firearms (e.g., the Canadian and British Inglis High Power, the US M4 and M4A1 Carbines, the Colt Model M General Officer's Pistols in .32 & .380, etc.).The book is still a worthwhile purchase, though one is left wondering why certain obscure firearms were included while too many standard issue firearms were omitted.

I have had this book for a number of years and, although the research is excellent, it does indeed have substantial typo's and reference errors as if the material was compiled by a staff editor who knows nothing about firearms and has not taken the trouble to make simple corrections. Many firearms are omitted and some included, however revolutionary and ground-breaking they are not always representative of the whole. Furthermore, the entire category of combat shotguns has not even been addressed but anti-materiel rifles have, which are undeniably interesting but only a small part of the whole. The organization is good as are the photographs but I would have made a number of editing corrections as a previous reviewer has noted (I have written in the corrections in my own volume). I rely upon this volume for information but often double check the facts through other sources as the glaring errors reduces my confidence in this as a comprehensive reference. As a reference book writer myself, I have written to the publisher offering to edit an 8th edition should such a thing be in the works but of course there is no profit margin for a slightly corrected version of a popular volume. My edition is so heavily thumbed and used that I will likely acquire another and not balk at the price but would gladly pay more for an accurate reference.

Good book. Ivan V ogg. was a very knowledgeable man. I wish there are more diagrams. That is the flaw of the majority of the firearm books out there. they often include operation history and specifications and such but not enough diagrams. I would even go as far as to say that a book with almost no words except title and caliber information would be perfect. This book does have more diagrams than similar books (or else I would not have brought it) but mot as much as I would like especially for the rifles. That said, Ivan Hogg's book on machine guns does have plenty of illustrations. but rifles inerestrest me more than machine guns.

For those with a passing interest or an obsession with guns, it may be wise to buy other books before this one. It contains well written write up that includes the history of the weapon, firearms efficiently cataloged by categories according to their countries with a well designed table of contents of an easier time of searching for the firearm and several photographs to entertain the passive reader. I'd also like to add that the index at the back was a very effective way of finding a particular gun and the introductory articles were well turned-out. Although it could have been better with more detailed cutaway photographs of the weapons and the articles could have used some additions beyond the weapons history. It also could have included weapons manufactured by up and coming manufacturers like Arms Corporation of the Philippines that imports well made firearms to the States and other countries. Not a top priority buy in the long list of firearm reference but a must nonetheless.

Hogg is a hack writer. So riddled with mistakes you'd be hard-pressed not to flip randomly to a page with a mistake. Read, oh, I don't know, anything by Ed Ezell, WHB Smith, or even Wikipedia for more authoritative info. You will be disappointed.

I've always enjoyed Mr. Hogg's books. His writing is informative and I find myself refering back to his books time and time again. Though I have a few small quibbles with this edition, some models are left out etc. , for the most part I found it to be a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated reference book. But what I especially like about Ian Hogg is that he's actually rather witty. Hardly what one would expect from a technical reference work, such as this. I've been wanting a copy of this book for many years and I don't regret having spent the money to buy this , the last edition of this series.Hopefully everyone agrees with me.

There must be millions of readers out there who don't really care about guns, per se, but run into various types of weaponry when reading historical or crime fiction.I know a little about guns -- grew up in a southern family, first .22 rifle when I was 13 years old, etc. -- but when I'm reading a World War I novel and the hero pulls out a huge Austro-Hungarian Empire military revolver, I may be a little lost.Hogg's book fulfills a useful function for those who want to doublecheck and see what some weapon in a story actually looks like.(Oh, so that's how a Webley Fosberry automatic revolver worked, huh?)(A DeLisle carbine is a silenced Enfield rifle in .45 caliber? What the heck would that look like?)Gun nuts (like me) can get a little picky about details in far-ranging reference books. But if you're starting from scratch, books like this are invaluable.

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