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National Park Quarters Album, 2010-2021 P&D (Cornerstone Coin Albums)

The Cornerstone George Washington National Park Quarters album is the perfect way to store, collect and learn about the United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters series. Inside you will find informative facts about the national sites and parks protected by the federal government and historical data highlighting the significance of the national park quarter designs. Beginners will benefit from tips about how to grade and handle national park quarters, along with information about how to assemble more advanced quarter type collections. With the unique dual lenses page design, you can view both the front and back of each coin while enjoying a fun, educational and practical storage solution for your National Park quarters. No matter which denomination or series you choose to collect, our albums are an ideal companion both for your coins and for your journey into the fascinating hobby of numismatics!

Age Range: 8 and up

Series: Cornerstone Coin Albums

Board book: 16 pages

Publisher: Zyrus Press; 1 edition (November 1, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1933990201

ISBN-13: 978-1933990200

Product Dimensions: 1 x 7 x 9.5 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Average Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (127 customer reviews)

Best Sellers Rank: #158,070 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #20 in Books > Crafts, Hobbies & Home > Antiques & Collectibles > Coins & Medals > State Quarters #34849 in Books > Children's Books

Length: 0:32 Mins

We purchased 2 of these with some trepidation, due to others saying the holes were too small for the quarters. However, we are extremely pleased! Quarters fit perfectly, and we are very happy with our purchase, as my daughter explains in the accompanying video.

My wife bought it--here's her review:I just received my folder book yesterday, and am excited to start collecting National Park quarters. My kids have been collecting the state quarters, and it was time their mom jumped on board.Pros:~Coin album is sturdy and thick~Reads like a book; doesn't fan out so it doesn't take up much space~Clear inserts so quarters can be easily viewed on both sides~History of National Parks as well as different collector's coins throughout book~Has a place for the entire quarter collection from 2010-2021, instead of having to buy 2 separate volumes~Organized well--One page for each year of quarters (5 quarters per year, both D and P mints, so 10 quarters)as opposed to our state quarter collection album, where there are several years crammed on each pageCon:~Haven't come across a National Park quarter yet! Wish me luck!

I am revising my review as of today, 12/13/10. The publisher Zyrus Press is standing behind it's product. When I bought it I noticed a flaw (if you want to read my original review you can do so after I finish this glowing rewrite). That flaw was corrected a in subsequent reprint. That reprint was brought to my attention by another reviewer on this site. I contacted Zyrus about the issue. They contacted me within a day and a week later I just got the CORRECTED album.I now have no reason not to recommend it. In fact, considering the customer service, I now HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!!Here is what I originally wrote on September 21:"Watch out! This product has a defect I think probably includes it's entire production run. If you know about it, you may still choose to buy it but I want you to know about it. The 'look inside!' feature does not allow you to view this mistake.Coin slots are not labeled correctly. Coins are displayed to show both sides. The coins labels are reversed on the opposite side of each coin display. Coins labeled 'P' on one side of the page are labeled 'D' on the other side. This is an incredibly STUPID mistake and it alone knocks the product down to a 3.Additionally this album includes a lot of information, I wish more of it was on the individual parks selected and that the information was displayed near their respective coins. Still, this is very minor and would not have kept me from giving this product a 5.I will keep this product because it is inexpensive, attractive, consolidates the coins from both mints in a single album, displays both sides of each coin and includes some great information. But I really, really wish the editors had not made such a basic mistake."

Ordered this on 20 Sept and it arrived on the 26th. Great looking book with sleeves with plastic covers you can remove to put coins in or take it out with ease. Comes with slots for both P and D Mint pieces. It also describes the timeline of America's National Park, the history of the quarter, selection process for the national park prints, how to care for your quarters, among some topics covered. Great purchase!

I purchased this as a gift for someone who had admired a different one that my daughter had. When I saw this, I was very impressed with the color, quality, and price. The book is well constructed and will easyly last forever. The book has details of each park and the colors of the pictures are very beautiful. The book is also easy to store as it is appox. 8x11, vs. the one my daughter has that is twice the size. Also this book has slide out protective coverings instead of just popping them in the pages like my daughters.

I work at a bank, and although our bank carries the state quarters pressboard holder as well as the presidential dollars holder, we do not have the National Park albums. This book is really beautiful! There are plastic inserts that cover both sides of the coins to help protect them and keep them looking like the day they were purchased. I couldn't be more pleased! These coins are pretty hard to find, but I'm enjoying the search.

I made the mistake of ordering this from a third party seller. If it's not shipped from , be forewarned, you may receive a recalled copy, like i had. I was sent a copy with the previously mentioned defect that others have mentioned within this products reviews. The coin windows are labeled "P" and "D" for the two different mints. When you flip to the other side, where the labels should be a mirror image, it read's "P" and "D" in that order. Example: You put in a coin in the P slot, flip over the page where you can see it through the window on the other side and the label will read "D". Many of you earlier purchasers would understand. I went directly to the publisher who gave me this long explanation of how they can't replace it because they've already replaced all the defective copies by crediting the merchandisers? Merchandisers are supposed to trash the defective copies? I don't know..... so the seller i bought it from probably got it from the back of a truck and turned around on to sell it?? I don't know. To the effect that "Sorry we can't help you. Go to the person who got it from you. We've already done our part on the wholesale end". They will only replace books bought directly from their website and now i have to go through all this with the seller. Not fun. ANYHOO.....besides all this, i like this book and my 9 y.o. is really enjoying it. Coins are very easy to insert and the windows slide in and out easily....the graphics design is very nice and clean. Lots of information about collecting the state coins. I highly recommend this one. Again, word to the wise, be cautious when buying from third party sellers unless you don't mind the potential hassle of returning a defective item.

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