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Hatcher's Notebook, Revised Edition (Classic Gun Books Series)

Classic reference by a renowned expert Invaluable information for shooters, gunsmiths, collectors, ballisticians, and hunters Includes new foreword Starting with the '03 Springfield and '17 Enfield, this authoritative guide describes the development of automatic and semiautomatic weapons, explaining how they work, barrels and experiments with obstructions, strengths and weaknesses of military rifles, receiver steels and heat treatment, headspace, recoil problems, gunpowder, corrosion, triggers, and the Pederson Device. It also covers noted gun makers, tips to match ammunition, interior and exterior ballistics, velocity variation, measuring methods, weights, overloads, and ranges.

Hardcover: 656 pages

Publisher: Stackpole Books; 2 Revised edition (January 2, 2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0811703509

ISBN-13: 978-0811703505

Product Dimensions: 6 x 1.9 x 9 inches

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Long before "Myth Busters" Julian S. Hatcher tested such issues as whether a bullet fired vertically will cause serious harm on its descent to earth. [.45 caliber bullets may hurt but won't cause serious injury. On the other hand a .30'06 rifle bullet can be lethal on descent due to its greater mass and greater G1 (that's G1 not GI) ballistic coefficient.] He tested the danger involved in an uncontained cartridge firing. He covers such subjects as: the developmental history of ballistic coefficients for projectiles and how to calculate bullet velocity at any range based on muzzle velocity and the bullets G1 ballistic coefficient; characteristics of burning gunpowder and its attendant pressure curves in the barrel; rotation rate of the bullet due to rifling; dangers involved in the storage of large amounts of gun powder and the massive damage capability of improperly stored gunpowder. This is just one of a myriad of subjects Hatcher covers. In some cases his information has been superseded due to analyses made possible by technological improvements in testing. In other cases his treatment of the subject matter is still relevant today. In any case, it reveals a man with phenomenal expertise in firearms made possible by his involvement in firearms development throughout his career with the US Army's Ordnance Department and his participation in competitive shooting events. It's fascinating reading and a classic treatise on firearms that is a must-have for understanding characteristics of firearms subject matter.

I borrowed this book to read for ballistics research on a paper I was writing 20+ years ago, and found it informative then, and refreshing to review it again. The book I borrowed was an early edition, and I have searched for a personal copy for years at places like Second-Hand Books, library sales, firearms suppliers, and even , but for the longest time it was out of print and unavailable. The book I purchased was the revised version, and I found the new end sections to be timely and very informative. The main text of the book is still the interesting prose of General Hatcher, reflecting the history of American weapons development from just before the turn of the century until after WWII. The end section extends the subject on through portions of the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. Written from the exclusive personal experiences and observations of Gen. Hatcher, the text presents a, "You were there" type of experience to the curious reader who is interested in the "how and why" firearms developed into their current form. Every serious student of firearms history should have a copy of Hatchers Notebook in their collection. The Mauser Bolt Actions M91 Through M98: A Shop Manual Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms: The Models of 1886 and 1892 Winchester Lever Action Repeating Firearms, Vol. 3, The Models of 1894 and 1895 (Tourism Dynamics)

Hatcher's Notebook was my first introduction into the world of serious gun craft. This book is for every sportsman, gunsmith and serious firearms researcher. Your library is most definitely incomplete without it. I have been a professional gunsmith for 35 years, and this book has, once again, finally come home to me.I was once weak, and sold my first print copy at a gun show at a high price. But now, I have salved my soul with another copy...this one.It matters not the binding, the dust cover, or anything else, for Hatcher's WORDS are what count most. Buy it for those words and nothing else.

Julian Hatcher was an illustrious ordnance officer in the US Army and deeply involved in US military experiments during one of history's most exciting phases of armaments development. The information presented in this book was derived 'hands on' and is as valid today as it had been when first published in 1947.Every young firearms and ballistics student should study this book. Hatcher expertly explains esoteric topics such as rifle strengths, bolt action steels and heat treatment, headspace, propellants, velocity and barrel length and much, much more. One of the greatest contributions of this book is made on p.577 where he deals with terminal stability in the terminal phase. It is a contribution which have not been picked up by parrot writers in that he indirectly makes mince-meat of the high sectional density concept inbsofar as it relates to the terminal phase.The b&w illustrations are very informative and mostly surprisingly clear. The page design is practical and easy to read with a comfortable font. My only gripe against this book is that the dust jacket could have been of heavier paper for better durability. The essential book offers excellent, almost unrivalled value for money to the firearm and ballistics student. It also provides the foundation necessary to derive more from all other books on cartridges and ballistics.

Hatcher's Notebook contains a pleather of information that every gunsmith should own. A lot of customers will often look at a 'smiths "library" and draw their own conclusions as to the gunsmiths abilities/knowledge. This is one book that is a basic building block for the foundation of a great gunsmith's library.

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