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Gunsmithing: Rifles

Make your rifle shoot better than ever!"Gunsmithing: Rifles" takes a look at all major rifle types and gives you practical information on how to make repairs, improve performance and modify your rifle to fit your needs.In additional to practical information about keeping every rifle ready to shoot, "Gunsmithing: Rifles" provides specific projects to improve: Mauser actionsAR-15s and their clonesThe Ruger 10/22The Remington Model 700The Winchester model 70Lever-action RiflesStep-by-step instructions and plenty of photos guide you every step of the way.As a practicing gunsmith for the past 20 years, Sweeney also knows enough to tell you what not to try. If an operation requires an expert, he'll tell you. He'll also tell you what questions to ask to help you make sure the person you hire is qualified.If you're in the market for a used rifle, this book also includes tips on getting the most bang for your buck.

Paperback: 352 pages

Publisher: Krause Publications; 8 edition (October 1, 1999)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0873416651

ISBN-13: 978-0873416658

Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.8 x 11 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (48 customer reviews)

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"Gunsmithing: Rifles offers an abundance of quality, useful information in the form of specific instruction for home shop projects. I'm not suggesting the book's contents are simplistic, but rather the range of information spans from detail to conceptual, which provides a good foundation of knowledge before projects are attempted.There are virtually no chapters that would not be of value to the average firearms enthusiast, so I didn't feel I purchased the book only for the contents of one or two good chapters. There is a section on refreshing hunting rifles. The coverage includes correcting poor accuracy, refinishing wood and metal parts, drilling and taping scope mounts and metallic sights. But the information continues on into action/bolt lapping, rechambering, changing a bolt handle, installing a new safety....I would have purchased the book just for the coverage of trigger work. Finally, a current, inexpensive book that provides detailed coverage of trigger replacement and tuning, by rifle manufacturer, including do's and don'ts for each model. I followed the book to clean up the trigger on a Winchester M70 that's been waiting to get dropped off at the gunsmith for the past 8 months, and had excellent results.Great book

This book is well written and contains excellent information ... with the caveat that if you are a grizzled veteran in gunsmithing, it's not for you. Having said that, fairly experienced "do-it-yourselfers" might still pick up some info they don't already know. Simply look over the Table of Contents and decide. I would say that the chapter on how to examine used guns alone makes it worth the price. Of course, this book gives a lot more such as scope mounting and trigger adjustments. So if you like to do things yourself, but need a little guidence in unchartered territory, this book is for you. One last comment. This book does not delve into any hardcore work requiring machining, such as truing an action or the like.

This book is good, but not perfect. Anything by Patrick Sweeney is laced with knowledge gained from years in the field, and this book is no exception. Sweeney obviously knows what he is talking about and the small, personal tips interspersed throughout this book make it an invaluable resource for both the home and professional rifle smith. The range of content precludes any extreme detail work on specific topics, but enough is covered that anyone will gain something from having this on their bookshelf.But it's not perfect. There are two issues with this book, neither the fault of the author. First, the Kindle edition, and presumably any electronic version, is scanned from the original printed text. While it has been spell checked, it has not been edited. There are numerous conversion errors throughout this book that distract from reading any electronic edition. Obvious errors, such as the letter 't' frequently appearing as the letter 'l' (time/lime, safety/safely) and the letters 'th' appearing as the letter 'm' (them/mem, this/mis) make the reader question whether more important, yet subtler, errors exist.The second issue is that the content is dated. The firearms world has changed dramatically in the fifteen years since it was originally published. Information is provided on companies that no longer exist, techniques that were experimental or odd at the time are now common place (sonic cleaners) and labor-saving tools that are now readily available go unmentioned. An updated version of this book is warranted, though Sweeney has written extensively and other tomes exist which are more current. For example, if you're interested in working on the AR platform, choose one of his newer books covering that platform. Same with the Ruger 10/22. If you're into Mausers and other military surplus, this book is right up your alley.

Book appears to be a series of old magazine articles. All the photos are black and white, low resolution, and of limited, if any help. This one will be going into the recycling bin, re-gifted (as a white elephant), or left at a doctor's office. Don't waste your money on it.

I purchased this book as my first foray into DIY gunsmithing. Overall, I'm very pleased with this book. While no book is going to be comprehensive enough to cover any possible question you may have about gunsmithing this book covers most of what a beginner may be interested in. Trigger work, glass bedding, recrowning, drilling and tapping for a scope, reboring / rebarreling, etc.There are a few downsides to this book, but overall I believe it's still a worthwhile purchase. Firstly, the photographs are all black and white. Most of the time this isn't an issue, but some of the photos do not have enough contrast to really see what the caption is describing. All you see is a black blob in a gray background. Secondly, there are some things the author states that do not jive with my own experiences. Ruger rifle triggers (Mk. II) can't/shouldn't be adjusted but instead replaced, you can't determine the accuracy of a firearm with reloads, a barrel must be broken in to work correctly, among others. Perhaps a matter of difference of opinion, but I still feel his advice was slightly off the mark in some cases.Overall, this book helped me gain a greater understanding of various gunsmithing tasks and I feel it was worth the money.

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