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Time'n And Count'n: Using PIC Microcontrollers From Square 1

Unknown Binding: 218 pages

Publisher: Square 1 Electronics (2002)

Language: English


Average Customer Review: 3.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (4 customer reviews)

Best Sellers Rank: #2,374,671 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #61 in Books > Computers & Technology > Hardware & DIY > Microprocessors & System Design > PIC Microcontroller

This is an EXCELLENT book and the author doesn't deserve the slander of his book by reviewers on this site who don't understand the difference between a book review and a complaint, much less the difference between and an used book seller.Just because someone tries to sell a used copy for an insane price is no reason to slam the book with a bad review rating. And it isn't .com who is setting that price, it is some used book seller. doesn't carry the book in the first place.

The price is absolutely horrendous. Go to this site and get the book for $34.[...]

I can't believe this item is priced at $168.00 here. I was expecting to pay about $35.00. This is ridiculous. I went to another site and paid $34.95 plus shipping. I expect to come here and find bargains after all. With all your resources, you should be able to have decent competitive prices.

I just bought this book from a book store via .com and it was only $24.00. I have most of the Square 1 books and like the other ones this one is a great book. This is not a book to start with but once you have started to master programming the PIC this is a valuable book. Like all the other books the programs are in Assembly. Sense I started to learn PIC programming in Assembly I found that I like it better than the other languages like "C" or Basic. There is a lot of programming examples and you can add then to your library. I can't believe someone would rate a book based on what someone will charge for it.

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