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Breyer Animal Collector's Guide: Identification And Values (Breyer Animal Collector's Guides)

The fourth edition of this popular guide has over 1,000 photographs and includes updated value ranges, production dates, descriptions, and other vital information about virtually every Breyer model manufactured from 1950 to 2004. Breyer Animal Creations specializes in horses, but they also manufacture dogs, cats, farm animals, and wildlife figurines. Collector information on the hobby, the company, sculptor biographies, model production, molds, colors, markings, and condition are discussed in this new book. There are several valuable cross-reference tables and an index to help identify specific models, as well as a section on non-model collectibles like catalogs, magazines, buttons, and pins. This fourth edition is the most up-to-date available for hobbyists and dealers alike. 2005 values. AUTHORBIO: Felicia Browell has been a Breyer Animals collector for over 30 years. She published The Breyer Animal Identification Guide and The Breyer Model Hunter's Price Guide before publishing the first edition of Breyer Animal Collector's Guide in 1998. Her Breyer Animal Collector's Guide won an .com category bestseller award in early 1999. Besides writing collector's guides, she also writes fictional novels and won first place in Pennwriter's Annual Writing Contest in 1999.

Series: Breyer Animal Collector's Guides

Paperback: 382 pages

Publisher: Collector Books; 4 Col edition (August 2004)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1574324063

ISBN-13: 978-1574324068

Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 8.4 x 0.8 inches

Shipping Weight: 2.6 pounds

Average Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (17 customer reviews)

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As usual, Felicia Browell did a wonderful job compiling what must be huge amounts of information on Breyer horses. The book presents each model in a very organized fashion. However, I was **very** disappointed with the photographic quality of most of the photos of the models, especially when I compare them to the earlier editions of this book. I'm not sure if maybe the publisher is at fault for this or not, but the copy of the book that I purchased contains photos that have a VERY prominent orange tint to them. This makes it hard to match the horses' colors in the photos to models in real life. The chestnuts and bays actually look ORANGE in many of the photos (they practically GLOW on the page). I hope that a future printing of the book corrects this issue.

Like many collectors I have been collecting Breyers for over 20 years non-stop. I have many old models from collectors before me as well. This book was not as good as the others she has written. For one thing, there was not enough photographs or information on the older models. She gave an estimation of the model not always writing how much the model is worth with original eyewhites and signatures. For example, the Five Gaitor models. There is engraving of Chris Hess in the oldest Five Gaitor models from the early 60's. For sure original eyewhites and carved signatures brings the value of the model up. I also do not like how some of the models, (when comparing this book with the previous ones) have gone down in value. I would like to know why, and this answer is not in the book. The ones "Made in USA" should be worth more now that Breyers are being made in China, (Just a thought). These are the few problems I have had with her newest edition.

As always with her Breyer value guide series, Felicia Browell has done another wonderful job documenting Breyer products and pricing. There are so many hundreds of different mold and color combinations out there and she manages to keep track of them all for us, job well done!The only flaw to this latest edition is the photography. Wherever a horse of medium brown color tone appears, the horse is a bright washed out orange color. I know from owning quite a few of the horses pictured that the book colors are distorted; my own are definitely not orange shades. (I have been collecting for 20 some years).The one thing I would love to see more of is Breyer test color models. She only selects a few to photograph as examples but there are a myriad of these one of a kinds out there. A chapter or a separate book documenting these guys would be amazing but obviously very difficult to create. Ah well, it's a thought.

I think the printers didn't get the ink right in this book because the colors seem "not quite right". There are a few more models listed, but probably not enough to warrent purchasing this one over the previous version.

I have collected so many Breyer model horses over the years that it is very difficult for me to think about how many I have or Which Ones I have. This book answered my questions, also giving me a rough estimate about how much my whole collection is worth (last time I checked, it was about $6,000). The book creates guidelines to older models as well as new molds to who sculpted them. Putting the mold names in alphabetical order makes it super easy to look up a certain mold. A Breyer collector could learn a lot about Breyer's rich history with this book. Even though I now have many models that are not included in the book, it gives me guidelines to estimate how much a certain model's worth. This book is a must-have for any serious Breyer collector.

This guide book tell has everything you need to know about the values of your Breyers and even some extra info. Purches this used and very happy with it.

I collect Breyer models and the Breyer Animal Collection books. I have Breyer out the wazoo. Love these price guides though.

This book is great! I have identified so many models! You need this book if you collect model horses!

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