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The Goopy Ghost At St. Patrick's Day

The Goopy Ghost is at it again. Goopy gets into another adventure, and this one has our bright orange spirit mixing it up with leprechauns on St. Patrick’s Day. In this new book in the richly illustrated children’s book series, the Goopy Ghost must rescue a leprechaun and win back his stolen pot of gold to save St. Patrick’s Day. In the run-up to St. Patrick’s Day, Goopy is looking for a leprechaun to share in the holiday spirit. Of course, events don’t take place as hoped. Instead of a jovial leprechaun, our bright orange ghost finds a wee “man” pleading for help because a naughty band of thieves has stolen his gold and locked him in a cage. Together, Goopy and the leprechaun work up an outrageous scheme to get the gold back and show up these mischievous thieves. Goopy turns into a stack of gold coins that will prove irresistible to the thieves. When the robbers come upon the pile of gold, they quickly snatch it up without knowing of the goopy surprise that lurks within. What Goopy does next will teach the sticky-handed fellows a lesson or two about sharing and will also save the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. Then, the leprechaun will grant him three wishes that Goopy will use in ways no one expects. Engaging, humorous, and full of funny details, The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick's Day will bring the joy of St. Patrick’s Day to young children. A story with a wise moral, V. R. Duin will capture the imaginations of young ones and transport them to an emerald isle full of whimsy and enchantment. Written in Irish limerick form and full of zingers and one-liners, V. R. Duin brings her trademark sass and wit to Goopy’s St. Patrick’s Day adventures. The rhyming story will enchant young readers and draw them into Goopy’s adventures with its delightful sing-song rhythm.

Paperback: 28 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 25, 2012)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1477640282

ISBN-13: 978-1477640289

Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.1 x 9 inches

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Limericks are a poetry form that seems to be designed for fun and children. Children love to be read to and they especially love repetition and rhythm in literature. Limericks are easy to learn and to teach. In this book, there are several stanzas in limerick form that can serve as perfect templates. The basic rule of thumb is that the easier the words fall off the tongue, the closer you are to the correct form and rhythm set in the templates. Why not try celebrating St. Patrick's Day playing around with words in meter and rhyme after reading this book to your children/grandchildren?There's a lot to love about the Goopy Ghost series. The author has chosen well in her choice of artists for these books. The pictures are in bright cheerful water color paints. Children who are visual learners will find their eyes drawn to the pages repeatedly. The simple scenes depict believable adorable characters and Goopy especially as the least scariest ghost you've ever known. Kudos to artist Bonnie Lemaire.Goopy Ghost is kind-hearted, fun-loving and generous. In his stories, he often places other peoples' needs before his own, and he is creative in his problem solving skills. In this story, Goopy seeks out a leprechaun to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. He is looking for fun, but finds a problem to solve instead. His plan to resolve the dilemma has lasting positive consequences even as he selflessly gives up a reward to ensure the problem doesn't happen again. Fun finds him in the end. Children need these type of character traits emulated continually. They need to be shown the rewards in being kind, generous and selfless. With so much negative surrounding them, they need all the positive role models you can give them.

“The Goopy Ghost at St. Patrick’s Day” completes my nephew’s collection of V. R. Duin books and what a grand story it is! Written entirely in Irish limerick verse, this author must truly have a magical pen to be able to create such an engaging, humorous, and culturally sound story; one that also has a very wise moral and plenty of adventure. This amazing rescue of a leprechaun and his pot of gold from thieves is sure to be read over and over, again. Highly recommended!

Who doesn't love St. Paddy's Day with the leprechauns, the shamrocks and of course, the infamous pot of gold?V.R. Duin has created quite an adventure for Goopy Ghost all around this theme of St. Patrick's Day. The little Ghost discovers a locked up leprechaun whose gold has been stolen by nasty robbers. Goopy comes to the rescue and for his valiant efforts gets three wishes granted to him.The art is very expressive, colourful and whimsical. It enriches the meaning of the storyline a great deal. The text is written in limerick style which kids just love. Goopy casts his wishes and even goes so far as to find work for the robbers. The book is very enjoyable and has a great moral compass to discuss with your kids. I am sure it will be a wonderful addition to your St. Patrick's Day collection of books. A perfect book to read alone or to share out loud.

There is always a good time to be had reading these whimsical stories of Goopy Ghost. In this encounter a couple of melon heads (and I don’t mean Goopy Ghost and Mushy Ghost) are after a leprechaun’s gold. Thanks to Goopy Ghost these seedy characters find better things to do. There is no shortage of shamrocks among these pages, and it makes me wish that there were more holidays for Goopy Ghost to explore. Thank you V.R. Duin for another great chapter in The Goopy Ghost Saga.

Finally, a neat story for the St. Patrick's Day holiday. This author truly succeeds in bringing the Emerald Isle’s delightful leprechaun mystique and celebrated limerick verse to life. This story is perfect for children and adults. I cannot find any other author who has gone to the effort of using limerick verse to tell an entire story with such amazing results. Kudos to the author for this literary wonder.

What a fun story! We enjoyed the art and as always Goopy Ghost made us laugh! My son struggles with reading. The rhyming makes reading easier for him. We will be buying all of Goopy Ghosts adventures!

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