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In Our Own Image: Savior Or Destroyer? The History And Future Of Artificial Intelligence

A timely and important book that explores the societal and ethical implications of artificial intelligence as we approach the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution. George Zarkadakis explores one of humankind's oldest love-hate relationships: our ties with artificial intelligence, or AI. He traces AI's origins in ancient myth, through literary classics like Frankenstein to today's science fiction blockbusters, arguing that a fascination with AI is hardwired into the human psyche. He explains AI's history, technology, and potential; its manifestations in intelligent machines; its connections to neurology and consciousness; and - perhaps most tellingly - what AI reveals about us as human beings. In Our Own Image argues that we are on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution - poised to enter the age of artificial intelligence as science fiction becomes science fact. Ultimately, Zarkadakis observes, the fate of AI has profound implications for the future of science and humanity itself.

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Listening Length: 13 hours and 49 minutes

Program Type: Audiobook

Version: Unabridged

Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc. Release Date: March 15, 2016

Language: English


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The following is a review of the edition of this work published in England. This was published in the United Kingdom approximately one year before being published in the US.The author of this book has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, has business experience in the field and, most importantly, is a very good writer (despite the fact that his native language is not English). Hence one would expect that the book would serve as decent introduction to the field for the layman. This expectation was met in the book.The author spends considerable time integrating literature, philosophy and language in his book and to very good effect. This makes the book very readable to the layman as well as providing some perspective, in terms of human history, to the development of artificial intelligence and how it may/may not interface with humanity as well as to how it has and can develop in terms of human history. This makes the book very interesting per se. It makes the road taken very education and thought provoking. This alone, in this reviewer’s opinion, makes it worth reading.With respect to discussion of the actual science directly impacting the field the book is also good albeit the level of technical discussion is not very great (after all, this book was written for a lay readership). Those with degrees in computer science would get little out of this portion of the book. Plus, the book suffers from many of the limitations epitomizing current discussions and analyses of the field. For example, the book follows much of the already existing literature in that it analyzes the development of artificial intelligence along the lines of human neurology and language development.

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