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Knifemaking: A Complete Guide To Crafting Knives, Handles & Sheaths

Ever yearned for a knife that fits your hand exactly? Ever admired a handmade leather sheath and dreamed of making your own? Whether you're a beginner who needs a useful tool or an experienced knifemaker in search of new ideas, this book is a must-have. Bo Bergman, expert knifemaker, will lead you through the craft, with a detailed discussion of the required tools and materials (fewer than you may think) and a thorough description of knifemaking techniques.

Paperback: 152 pages

Publisher: Lark Books; First Edition edition (December 31, 1997)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 188737437X

ISBN-13: 978-1887374378

Product Dimensions: 10 x 8.5 x 0.4 inches

Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

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If you're a blacksmith looking for tips on making knife blades, there's not a lot here for you. Sorry. But if you'd like to make a knife without building a forge or buying a stock-removal system, you're in the right place. This book was originally written for the Scandinavian market, and then translated into English. The people of Sweden, Norway and Finland often buy an inexpensive (locally made) knife blade, then assemble the handle from wood, or birch bark, antlers, brass spacers, etc...and make a leather and/or wooden sheath for themselves. They wind up with a 'custom' knife for the low price of a blade, their time, and a few natural materials they gather on the spot. This is a tradition in their part of the world, and this book shows how to do it, and do it very well. It has clearly translated instructions, good illustrations, it's well worth the asking price. FWIW, I've made these knives and I love 'em. They're inexpensive enough to make and give away, and a knife you've made will be one of the best gifts you can ever given anyone. I don't sell my knives, but that's up to you.If you're interested in learning how to do this, use your favorite search engine to find info on purchasing the blades blanks worldwide, the blade makers include such companies as Helle, Frosts, Brusletto, Eriksson, Karesuando, Marttiini. A lot of the blade vendors in Scandinavia, two vendor's of these blade blanks in the US that I recommend are and With a $12 blade and this book, some wood, some glue and some time you, too, can make great knives.

Bo Bergman might not yet be known outside Scandinavia, but here he has been one of the brightest shining stars in the area of creative knifemaking for over a decade. His book "Knifemaking" is a compilation of two of his bestselling books and it contains all the things you need to know to become a passionate craftsman.The instructions are very easy to follow and a lot of pictures and illustrations guide you through all the steps. Througout the text you can really tell that Bo Bergman not only knows what he is talking about, but also that he also loves what he is doing.I highly recommend this book to anyone that wishes to express themselves through a very beautyful and long lasting art.

I got the recomendation for this book off the Ragweed web site. It was rather hard to find, but found it for me. I am a beginner knife maker, and this book is perfect for a beginner, you will learn so much. Why bother making a blade when you can buy some great blades from Thompson's Scandinavian Knife supply or North Coast knife supply. Who has the time or equipment to forge a blade? You can get a nice Lauri pt with a rockwell sharpness of 63 that will be sharper than anything you now own. Bo will show you how to make the handle and sheath for your knife. He has quite a few step by step projects that are incredibly detailed. The knifes turn out great and they will be unlike any you see on the net. Many of the Scandinavian web sites just have pukko style knives. He has a large varitey of scandianvian knifes. He has instructions for a handle made out of layers of birch bark that looks awesome. I am making a Sami style knife at the moment and it looks great. You learn something with each knife. His instructions on making sheaths is alone worth the price of the book. He shows you how to make all leather, wood and leather, and all wood sheaths, very cool. I would recommed this book to anyone who wants to make a very function knife that they can actually use. Many of the knife books out there show you how to make huge knives that are really not that practical, if you need a weapon, get a gun. But if you want a knife that has years of tradition behind and can be a great tool,then get this book.

The nitty gritty: does it allow you to craft a knife? I'm just completing my 2nd knife based entirely on this book, so for me--yes.The book assumes you have a blade and are interested in the scandinavian approach to turning it into a knife. There is some general discussion, but mostly it is a description of several projects involving different styles and materials in handle making and in sheath making. There is enough detail to allow you to 'join the dots' or use it as a basis for taking off on your own. It is also pleasant to see that the 'suggested tool kit' does not run into $$$$$$ or involve special use machines, which encouraged me to get going.

I just finished probably my 10th or so knife using the techniques learned in this book. This book is currently available in a German edition from Dick Fine Tools but the English version is still out of print. It is very nearly worth whatever you have to pay if you are at all interested in Scandinavian knifemaking, an excellent book. As an addition, if you can find Swedish Carving Techniques by Wille Sundqvist he goes into knife usage in depth. These two books will have you making spoons, small bowls and even buttons for a favorite jacket, all with knives and a few carving tools.phil

Great book on knife making. Given it's age I was apprehensive about the price and content. Then I saw it listed as an ex-library sale at a price that did not cause my wallet concern. I am sure glad I watched it and made the purchase, Mr. Bergman has a easy writing style and encourages enjoyment of knife making as a hobby and artistic expression. He explains traditional methods (Think Mora and Scandinavian styles) based on equipment available in the 1980's - no tool is rare or expensive and his own workbench is modest. This book has improved my skills at knife making and I am looking forward to making a wooden sheath. He includes instructions on several methods and I am looking forward to it. Also the discussion on handle making is top notch.Note: the techniques do not include blade making or tempering, the book presumes that you purchase the blades.

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