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Dover Masterworks: Color Your Own Modern Art Paintings

This collection of books are really god, nice images (30, and every one on theyr own page) the only con, is that the quality of the paper is not so god (for example for watercolors) but is ok for color pencils and markers.

There are 30 different modern art masterpieces represented here, so it is definitely worth the price. All pieces are shown in color on the front and back covers, and each individual page has the name of the artist (years of their birth-death), title of the work, date created and type of medium used. So, it's educational and fun. I recommend it for all ages. Some of the artists included are: Picasso, Miro, Klee and Mondrian.

I have always loved to color and recently decided that it might be good therapy for me mentally as well as physically because I have been having a weakness in my left arm. This was one of the coloring books I recently purchased. I loved it for several reasons. You might say it took me out of my comfort zone. In my grade school, art was never really taught and so I have had very little background on art history. I found I was fascinated by one Picasso paiting recently. So I decided to purchase this. Allowing myself to "color" a person's face blue, and other out of the ordinary coloring was more therapeutic than I had anticipated. Each painting has a picture of the original and so I decided to look at and color with different colors ... because I was creating my own "masterpieces". I just had the outlines to guide me. It was a freeing and enjoyable experience. I have bought other "grown up"coloring books and made a commitment to myself to color at least one picture per day. With this book I have learned something about artist with whom I was very unfamiliar and explored new sides of myself. I have experimented with colored pencil, crayons and markers and recently trying to combine pencil and marker. It has been a fulfilling and "therapeutic" experience. I took advantage of the promotional offer of Dover's 4 for the price of 3. Well worth the cost.

This is a LOVELY coloring book, well named, for the drawings, though they are made from the artist's paintings, offer the best characteristics of coloring book art: easy-to-see, simple black and white line drawings, some with dark or black areas where the artist used dark colors. in my opinion, all rendered pleasingly, but still true to each original, without the overwhelming detail that sometimes overcomplicates coloring book interpretations of artists' works. Each drawing is printed on only one side of nice heavy white paper with the painting identified by name and number and with a short history on the reverse. All pages are perforated for easy removal from the book. A small version of each painting is printed in accurate color on the inside of the book's cover. I found, though, that it was easier to work from a larger print of the original color work downloaded and printed out from the internet. Googling the title of any of the 30 included paintings turned up several options. This book includes some of Van Gogh's most beloved works: Sunflowers, Starry Night, as well as several each of other still lifes, interiors, landscapes, and a nice selection of portraits and human figures.

I loved the coloring book and used it for art projects to introduce my grandchildren to the art of the masters. We all enjoy coloring and trying to match the is best w/o work with quality colored pencils and a wide range of colors. Even better, watercolor pencils allows you to color and blend to match the masters.

This is a fantastic resource for any children's art program. Whether you are writing your own lesson plans or connecting art with literature. This inexpensive resource is a must for your collection.

This is a reprint of a previous colouring book that is now single-sided. It's great, but in order to do this they removed the captions telling you where the pictures come from. I wish they had included a page in the back with the captions, at the least. I guess this version is more geared to colorists without an interest in history. I really like the history incorporated in the usual Dover books.

High quality images, single-sided, and perforated sheets. Great for an afternoon activity or as part of an art lesson on Monet.

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