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Solaris 8 Administrator's Guide

The Solaris operating system, along with related Sun products likeJava, is one of the most reliable and scalable platforms on whichto build e-commerce products, and on which to support all networkedservices. Yet, one problem that potential users face is finding outmore information about what Solaris offers. In a sense, they want toknow how much technical work is involved in migrating to Solaris,and what kind of philosophy Solaris is based on.To answer these questions, Solaris 8 Administrator's Guidecovers all aspects of deploying Solaris as a network server, includingboth basic and advanced network services. Given newfound interest inSolaris as an enterprise network operating system, this guide is aimedsquarely at supporting enterprise-level services. It's written forexperienced network administrators who want an objective guide tonetworking with Solaris, and covers installation on both the Inteland Sparc platforms. With it, you will learn how to setup Solaris asa file server, application server, and database server.In its coverage of advanced topics, Solaris 8 Administrator's Guideoffers examples of configuration files and the installation of third-partysoftware packages. This comprehensive book also contains more conceptualand difficult material that is absent from other Solaris reference manuals.At all points, emphasis is placed on issues like evaluating the security,scalability, and reliability of specific software packages--at the expenseof providing detailed coverage of every available package.The book covers the practical experience and new skills needed to understandthe impact of new services and new software products on existing server systems.Author Paul Watters--a recognized authority on Solaris--avoids so-called"historical" services, like UUCP, which can easily fill chapters but arenot commonly found in today's production environments. Indeed, he doesn'tbother to provide an in-depth history of Solaris or UNIX at all, assumingthat you can find this material elsewhere. Instead, the practical focus ison supporting relevant contemporary networking technologies.Solaris 8 Administrator's Guide provides you with a third-party viewthat not only praises Solaris, but is critical and realistic in its assessment.This book is for experienced Solaris Administrators as well as and those lookingto migrate to this operating system.

Paperback: 300 pages

Publisher: O'Reilly Media; 1st edition (January 2002)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0596000731

ISBN-13: 978-0596000738

Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.7 x 9.2 inches

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Average Customer Review: 2.9 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (17 customer reviews)

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As a newcomer to Solaris, I found this book extremely informative. I found the chapters on installing and configuration was exactly what I was looking for. The configuration worksheets were great.I would recommend this book as a great resource for any administrator looking to migrate to Solaris from another operating system or starting a Solaris network from scratch.

Had this book been titled "An introduction to Network Administration on Solaris" O'Reilly would have hit the nail on the head with this one.The book takes a shallow and deep approach to most topics the average administrator might just need a clue on. The book has enough depth to get your feet wet in each topic - allowing you to know if you need to study more or call it good.Overall, this book hits all the basics and gives a great overview of an immense topic.

If there's one thing I hate about computer books it's screenshots. I mean, if I'm a UNIX admin, I know what a screen looks like right? That's why I hate those 1000+ page books - full of fluff and no detail. This book is compact, few screenshots, it has lots of good examples (like installation worksheets) and a (rarely found) discussion on sizing. Downside: no discussion on VPNs which I would have expected since firewalls and encryption are covered. Almost five stars.

Hola. This books i very good and easy to understand. I speak English only a little, but I can read this book OK. I am a network administrator and I enjoyed the chapters on LDAP, routing and data management. Best of all was the e-commerce work. I only wish there was more!

I found this book a bit disappointing. I have high expectations of O'reilly books and have found them a treasure trove of valuable information. I was expecting the same in-depthness from this book. Unfortunately it seemed to me much more of a survey of the OS rather than delving into the nitty gritty of the subject matter.If you are new to Solaris it may be a great book, but it seems to me an experienced Solaris admin will be disappointed by this book.

Some people are trashing the book for a few insignificant flaws. Personally, I think he spends too much time on Java, doesn't cover PAM, RBAC or other new features to Solaris 8. On the whole, though, the book covers alot of good ground for intermediate level system adminstrators - those who have some experience with Solaris, but want to know what features are relevant to Solaris 8 and Solaris networking. The author summarizes his aims in the preface: "This book illustrates how Solaris services are used to build networks." This focus mirrors SUNs focus for Solaris 8 expressed by the slogan 'The Network is the Computer'.The book covers the following in enough depth to be useful, while not getting bogged down in too much detail: * networking - theory and practical setup * installing solaris, configuring network cards * Solaris services: dns, nfs - file sharing, email, interacting with NT, nis, nis+, ldap * backups * security * hints on troubleshooting and best practice sysadmin work.It isn't a good introduction to Solaris, nor a comprehensive reference book, but it has alot of useful information, especially about networking Solaris version 8.

I just purchased this book and I know it's for Solaris 8 but what I really want is a book for Solaris 9. How 'bout it O'Reilly? Sun are talking about Solaris 10 already!

An exellent overview of Solaris network admin. A bit light on 3rd party apps - especially in areas like storage where we all use commercial products. But coverage of security areas like Kerberos was most welcome. A good book for a weekend refresher - not a reference book. Will we see one for the Solaris 9 release this month???

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