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Knock Knock All Out Of Note Pad, Blue (12226)

I love these pads. They are magnetic so it easily sticks to the fridge. The items listed are the items that you use most often and it is organized into sections that correspond to aisles at most grocery stores. Each section has a few additional blanks for adding those items that it doesn't list. This thing saves me a bunch of time!There must be a new picture because there is no longer the confusion of the 2 pack that the other reviewers had.

This particular pad actually comes with a strong refrigerator magnet. I almost purchased the more expensive pad that advertises a magnet but went with this one instead. Pleasantly surprised...and, yes, it's very useful!

We use this ALL THE TIME! I have been couponing so this is great because my boyfriend and my roommate just check off what they need and I can plan my shopping trip accordingly. I originally bought this notebook in brown at Urban Outfitters for Christmas but we just moved a few months ago and I couldn't find it anywhere. I was so excited to find it on in teal, for a great price and it matches my kitchen!

The item is a functional paper pad with a magnet on the back that is less than half of the size of the pad. I like the block and bold print at the top as it stands out and sends a clear message. The product is wrapped in plastic and you get about 59+ pages.Not bad for the price.

The best thing since shoe strings lol. But seriously me and my family love this. We can keep track of everything we need from the store. Once we run out of something, we automatically mark it on the list. Nothing is ever forgotten at the store :-)

I have purchased 3 of these so far over the last several years, it definitely keeps me organized. When I had to wait for my new one to come in, I had forgotten how much of a hassle it was to put stuff randomly on a grocery list. I found myself running back and forth through the store because I forgot stuff further down on this list. This product has made my hectic life a little bit easier because you check off and go and it's all categorized. Love it and highly suggest it.

I love these things. In a household with kids who might use the last of something and forget to tell anyone, or multiple adult roommates who might do the same, this thing is invaluable. There have been so many times where I'm part way into doing something only to realize we have no milk, or no eggs, or some other thing. Something I could have replaced IF ONLY I had known we were out of it. This list is great. It's magnetic so it goes right on the fridge, it has a LOT of options, plus plenty of spaces to add on things that you may need that aren't on the list. You can tear it off and take it shopping with you.I had one several years ago, and don't actually recall running out of pages. We used it for a long long time but then our roommates moved out and we didn't need it anymore. Now we have roommates again and first order of business was buying a new pad!

It's just what I needed to keep track of my grocery.It lists grocery by category so you can easily fit every item in a specific one. It's going to be difficult to miss anything you need to buy for the house.I highly recommend it.

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