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Thai Cooking Made Easy (English And Chinese Edition)

Famous for its exotic flavors and aromas, Thai cuisine offers culinary delights too numerous to describe. Suffice to say that the blending of the cuisines of the Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and Vietnamese cultures produces the delightful mouthwatering contrasts of sweet, sour, and hot spicy tastes. Master chef, Sukhum Kittivech, the owner of the popular Chan Dara restaurants, has selected 100 authentic and popular Thai dishes that are sure to please the palates of those who partake of the exotic dishes. Among the recipes offered are Pad Thai, Beef Panang, Shrimp & Pineapple Curry, Chicken Coconut Soup to Fried Bananas and more. Most of the recipes are very easy to follow, with special sections on frequently used ingredients, seasonings, condiments and special sauces. All recipes are accompanied by full color pictures to assist the reader in proper dish presentation. This is an essential addition to Wei-Chuan¡¦s ¡§International Cuisine Series¡¨, and a ¡§must have¡¨ to the amateur as well as serious cooking aficionado.

Paperback: 96 pages

Publisher: Wei-Chuan Publishing; Chu ban edition (December 1, 1992)

Language: English, Chinese

ISBN-10: 0941676285

ISBN-13: 978-0941676281

Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.4 x 0.3 inches

Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces

Average Customer Review: 4.5 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (30 customer reviews)

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Whether it's a characteristic of the publisher or of the author, the rather unique approach this cookbook takes to presenting ingredient lists and preparation instructions is outstanding. I'd like to think I'm pretty confident in the kitchen, but there's something to be said for simplified instructions, especially when you're in a hurry. But whether you're confident and competent as a cook, or a complete novice who finds toast a bit of a challenge, you'd have a hard time screwing-up a recipe from this one.All the recipes I've tried have come out perfectly. And for those more experienced, there are plenty of opportunities for improvising where desired, as I have on the second and third times through some of the recipes.Of particular note is Kittivech's take on sweet and sour pork. Extremely easy, it comes together quickly, and the taste is terrific. (Though I recommend doubling the sauce ingredients so you'll have plenty when served over rice.)Like much Thai cooking, get ready for fish sauce. If you're not used to it, it's really pretty awful when first put in the wok, but the taste and smell mellow considerably with just a minute of cooking, and it does introduce a unique and intriguing flavor.Finally, not worth failing to mention here are the beautiful full-color photographs of all the dishes in the book. They'll invite you to try more recipes, and they give excellent cues for preparation (like fancy cuts on vegetables) you may want to try.Definitely one of the better additions to my cookbook library...

Easy, tasty, almost impossible to wreck recipes. All ingredients found at local supermarkets (then again live in the SF Bay Area). Get it and try the Thai Toast, you wont be unhappy. The one thing this book dosent have is recipes for the curry pastes, it uses all premade store bought stuff, BUT if youve ever tried to get all the ingredients for your own, and then it didnt come out right any way you wont mind this. Just add more garlic to the sauces and it will be great!! The Green Curry Chicken will forever be my favourite! mmmmmmmm good!

I love this book!!!!!!! Let me count the ways:1) The recepies are very fast and simple and contain no ingredients that you can't find.2) The receipies taste correct and are excellent!!!! (given #1 and the fact that even some gourmet recipies I have tried don't taste correct I was shocked to find this!)3) It comes with a clear plastic book cover that made the thing almost indistructible no matter how much fish sauce I splatter on it.4) Hi quality, beautiful color photos for every dish make it easy to get the presentation right. It's also great for window shopping if you can't decide what to make for dinner! (every photo will make you drool)The book is written in both Chinese and English.

If you are looking for one Thai cookbook that is full of easy to understand recipes that use easy to find ingredients, then buy this one. It was recommended to me and I agree that this is a must have for Thai cuisine lovers. My family loves spicy coconut and curry dishes like Panang and Massaman. There is no shortage of great recipes that are as good if not better than our local Thai restaurant. We liked it so well that our local Asian market ordered it from after they asked us where we got our recipes.

I have tried most of the recipes! They are simple and make you look like you know what your doing. Most items are made in less than 15 minutes. The sauces taste great and are very basic. Our guests love them. I recommend this to anyone who likes to cook!

I received this book a couple years back as a gift from somebody who knew I liked to cook simple, fast stuff, and also knew I liked Thai food. It has turned out to be my favorite cookbook so far, with a 95% success rate for the recipes I've tried. (One recipe, I forget which one, was kind of boring.) My only previous exposure to cooking Thai food before I got this book was a class that I took that focused on Thai curries. There are not a lot of curries in this book, which is fine with me. I have tried about 25% of the recipes in the book so far, many of them 5 times or more.I do have to comment on another reviewer's review below, his review is titled "not a great cookbook." I heartily disagree. He complained that the recipes were too salty. NONE of the recipes in the book call for ANY salt! Of course most DO call for fish sauce. Not all fish sauce is the same, if your fish sauce is too salty, switch to another brand or use less of it.As an introduction to Thai cooking, this book is just great! If curries are the most important thing to you, then you can probably find a better book for yourself. There are a few curry recipes in here, and they are good, but it's not the main focus.Most of the recipes in the book only have about 3 steps, and often even these steps are very easy ones. The pictures are useful and pleasant, and the pages are glossy enough to survive being used by a messy cook such as myself. The cover itself is plastic coated too, which helps. This all makes a difference, since this is the most stained & well used cookbook of all in my collection.

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