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MacBook Pro Portable Genius

Discover loads of tips and techniques for the newest MacBook Pro You're already ahead of the game with a MacBook Pro. Now you can get even more out the popular Apple notebook with the new edition of this handy, compact book. Crammed with savvy insights and tips on key tools and shortcuts, this book will help you increase your productivity and keep your Apple digital lifestyle on track. From desktop sharing and wireless networking to running Windows applications, this book avoids fluff, doesn't skimp on the essentials, saves you time and hassle, and shows you what you most want to know. Includes savvy advice and plenty of no-nonsense information in a clear layout that is easy to access Covers essential tools, topics, and shortcuts on things like desktop sharing, wireless networking, running Windows applications, using the Intel Ivy Bridge processor, and more Features Genius icons throughout the book that provide smart and innovative ways to handle tasks and save yourself time MacBook Pro Portable Genius, 4th Edition shows you just how to get more out of your MacBook Pro.

Paperback: 416 pages

Publisher: Wiley; 4 edition (September 11, 2012)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1118363612

ISBN-13: 978-1118363614

Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.9 x 9 inches

Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)

Average Customer Review: 4.1 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (37 customer reviews)

Best Sellers Rank: #289,633 in Books (See Top 100 in Books) #55 in Books > Computers & Technology > Hardware & DIY > Personal Computers > Macs #83 in Books > Computers & Technology > Operating Systems > Macintosh #321 in Books > Textbooks > Computer Science > Operating Systems

I recently bought a MacBook Pro, and I wanted to read a thorough introduction to what is my first Apple computer. This title covers some of the basics and has decent illustrations, but it's not as easy to read and follow as most of the visual guide books I've seen and doesn't cover many of the topics I would expect from a book called "portable genius."The topics covered include the desktop, user accounts, Internet connectivity, local networking, battery management, iCloud, communication methods, audio features, managing storage space, running Windows applications, protecting the computer, troubleshooting, and only 3 applications that are pre-installed, Mail, Contacts, and Calendar. I was disappointed to find that the book overlooks other applications that come with the computer such as iPhoto and Safari as well as utilities.I also found that some of the information in this book did not match up with the way my computer was set up by default, but I suspect that Apple made some changes in the default configuration since the version given to the author to preview and write about.Interspersed with the main text are many notes; these have white text on a background of light blue that fades in from almost white at the top, making the first line of the note nearly white on white and difficult to read.

As a new Mac user I am eager to learn all I can about how to use my new computer. I use mine for college work, so when I had trouble navigating my Mac's application I looked around for a good companion guide. This came to me through the Prime club just as I was trying to figure out which guide to buy.The manual comes in easy to understand language, and is full of colorful illustrations but it is not a manual that is easy to get information out of when you have a specific question. Rather it is the type of manual that walks you through your Mac Pro. it is one of those manuals where it is best to sit down and go through it while sitting at your computer. Be warned, this is a basic manual, though not a dummies manual it still answers only the most basic principles of a Mac. I think another reviewer said it shows you what is under the hood. I agree, but what I really want is a guide that shows you have to drive your Mac. I have to read PDF files for school, and am having a hard time getting them to show up. This manual did not address this issue. Why is there a difference between photos and pictures? Why have both it only pictures are easily moved into e-mails and blog posts? These are some of the questions unanswered by this book. I am still looking for the perfect manual.

I, my two daughters, and a sister-in-law along with a few friends have MacBook Pros. And let's face it, you just can't know everything... or go through the ironic process of "go on the internet" to learn how to, uhm, go on the internet.This is the 4th edition of the "portable genius" edition, an all-inclusive find-anything 400 page book. Everything is considerably short and workable, although I admit that I'm a total zero on a lot of this "new stuff," even with a lot of experience and both eyes open to new features.You will, as I am, learn oodles. Airdrop, iCloud, Facetime (works, but choppy on mine). How to network to a printer, how to network to a PC, how to manage accounts. You KNOW you don't know it all, so here's the whole list of stuff you, and I, didn't know enog about, if we knew it at all. Now, throw in Mountain Lion and here it ALL is!Really, really worth every penny; an essential guide, so READ IT like a bible on your nightstand; this is everything and then some that you need. Published by the normally textbooky Wiley company, I just learned they have a stack of Apple Genius books through Wiley to do anything from using an iPod to Office.A GREAT purchase!

I bought an iMac desktop several years ago, so I am familiar with the OS X operating system and the basics of navigating a Mac. A few months ago, though, I bought a new MacBook Pro. The differences between the desktop and laptop are sufficiently large that I didn't feel that I was getting everything out of the MacBook that I wanted to. This book provided the information I was looking for. In fact, I'm pleasantly surprised at how good it is. A few years ago, when the first Apple iPad came out, I bought the Portable Genius for the iPad. I was pretty disappointed because as I read through that book I found very little that wasn't obvious just from fooling around with the iPad. In fact, I never had cause to look at the book again. This book, though, is a different story. It covers everything you would want to know about managing your desktop, using iCloud, and other ways to get the hardware and software working for you.One caveat: If you are entirely new to Macs and looking for some guidance on differences between the Mac and the Windows world, you may not find this book to be too helpful. It is written with the assumption that you already have some basically familiarity with Macs. It also doesn't have much to say about non-Apple software, such as Microsoft's Office Suite.

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