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The Essential Guide To RF And Wireless (2nd Edition)

The only easy-to-understand guide to the wireless revolution! The easy-to-understand guide to the wireless revolution–fully updated for the latest technologies! New and expanded coverage: broadband fixed wireless, WLANs, wireless Internet, Bluetooth, smart antennas, and more Updated coverage of CDMA, GPS, LMDS, and WLL systems Concepts, terminology, components, and systems–plus new wireless glossary Perfect for marketers, investors, tech writers, PR specialists, and other non-engineers! There's a wireless revolution underway! With The Essential Guide to RF and Wireless, Second Edition, you can understand it, join it, and help drive it–even if you don't have a technical background. Leading consultant Carl J. Weisman has thoroughly updated this bestseller to reflect new market realities and breakthrough technologies–from wireless 802.11 LANs to broadband fixed wireless, and beyond. Mr. Weisman covers wireless at every level you need to understand: concepts, terminology, building blocks, and above all, how complete wireless systems actually work. Drawing on his extensive experience training sales professionals, he explains the essence of every key wireless/RF technology–clearly, comprehensibly, and with just the right touch of humor. Spread spectrum and CDMA: how they work and why they're important New! Detailed section on broadband fixed wireless: the new "last mile" solution for residential subscribers New! Satellite Internet delivery New! Smart antenna and superconducting filter technologies and their implications New! Wireless Internet, m-commerce, and Bluetooth Expanded! Global Positioning Systems: technologies and applications Updated! Preview the future of mobile telephony Updated! Wireless LANs and home networking From its all-new glossary to its extensive collection of charts, diagrams, and photographs, no other wireless/RF book is as accessible or as friendly! Whether you're a sales or marketing pro, customer, investor, tech writer, PR specialist, trade press writer, analyst, planner, or student, here's the up-to-the-minute briefing you've been searching for!

Paperback: 311 pages

Publisher: Prentice Hall; 2 edition (January 21, 2002)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0130354651

ISBN-13: 978-0130354655

Product Dimensions: 6.9 x 1 x 9 inches

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Average Customer Review: 4.2 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (33 customer reviews)

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This book is an excellent overview for a person who does not have a formal background in wireless and RF. I think that the author has used good judgement in balancing depth of coverage and breadth of topics. I would strongly recommend it...surely worth the money. Competing titles that I've seen are not meant for the newbie, and many such as Newton's are good but do not solely focus on the wireless aspect of things. I would hope that the author will bring in more coverage of WAP-like protocols and wireless PDA technologies like the ones used---unsuccesfully or succesfully---in the new Palm devices. Heartily Recommended.

This book is NOT for you if you plan on building or designing an RF circuit. It is definetely not for the TECHNICAL consumer.But it is meant for people who just want to get the gist of RF technology. This review is to warn people who are planning to get into the area of RF. You may want to purchase RF Circuit Design by Chris Bowick instead. If your into the theory of RF, avoid this book.3 stars and no less because it was well written. No more no less.And Carl Weisman was right, when he said "hide the book from engineers."

I found The Essential Guide to RF and Wireless to be very helpful in understanding the basic concepts and terminology of the wireless industry. As an avid investor, I have in the past invested in companies that are involved in the manufacturing of wireless components without a clue of how they worked. I just knew that wireless was a rapidly growing industry and is quickly becoming an integral part of our society. This book provided me a basic understanding of how wireless works in a very non-technical matter. It was very easy to read with lots of examples and industry tidbits thrown in. The author takes no liberties regarding the knowledge of his readers and explains even the most basic concepts. This may seem mundane to the more adept readers, but very much appreciated by those of us with little or no knowledge of the wireless industry. I have highly recommended this book to my family, friends, and co-workers and would suggest that investors hoping to benefit from the tremendous performance of wireless stocks give it a read.

If you don't know much about RF and the devices that manipulate it I would recommend this book. I am begining work in the RF field and feel that this book has helped me so that I can progress to other more agressive books.

I read this book out of curiosity in the subject. Having absolutely no background in the RF industry, I found the book very easy to read. The author frequently used analogies which I found to be extremely helpful in understanding the concepts. I know I will remember many of them as I can relate them to everyday life. I now understand why my cell phone doesn't work when I drive next to a cell site on the freeway and why my neighbor's satellite TV reception is fuzzy when it rains. There are a lot of interesting 'tidbits' throughout the book and I have found myself repeating some of this trivia to friends or colleagues when I can relate it to our conversation. The topic of RF seemed so foreign to me that I was surprised at how much I understand after reading this book. This subject has been simplified using terminology and analogies that I can easily relate to. Granted, I had no interest in some parts of the book, but I can honestly say I enjoyed reading the majority of the book. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants some insight into this mysterious "thing" that controls so much of our everyday lives.

I found this book useful on clearly describing the many RF components ( like amplifers,mixers,filters,...) and something like discrete,hybrid/MIC,and MMIC manufacturing concepts,in an very easy language , I finish it within 1 hour and I am not an english speaker! so the recommendation is : read this book right in the bookstore and grap a paper not larger than A4 as a note, before you feel your leg tired or want to go ... , you may have finish it .

Way back in high school, just before becoming a computer nut, I was a radio hobbyist and would have really enjoyed this book. Even now, as a CS/EE guy I still found it great toilet seat reading. It's not a heavy, serious book - it's light reading, sometimes annoyingly so; but with that in mind, entertaining & informative. Wish it had more to say about Spread Spectrum. Look forward to the DSP version, but hope it's "heavier".

Working as a electro-mechanical assembler in the RF industry where my job is simple assembly without need for an in-depth understanding of the technology (we leave that to the engineering team and test department), this was the perfect guide. I now have a better understanding of the "how and why" with regard to an RF generator's design. Really well written with a touch of humor to keep the subject from being too dry. The illustrations are a great help as well. The only thing I would have liked to see added would be an index of symbols for easy reference, but that can be found in a basic electronics book. I recommend this book to anyone who works in the RF industry that has a natural curiosity about how it works, but don't necessarily need or want a degree level education in the subject.

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