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Wireless Home Networking For Dummies, 4th Edition

The perennial bestseller shows you how share your files and Internet connection across a wireless network Fully updated for Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard, this new edition of this bestseller returns with all the latest in wireless standards and security. This fun and friendly guide shows you how to integrate your iPhone, iPod touch, smartphone, or gaming system into your home network. Veteran authors escort you through the various financial and logisitical considerations that you need to take into account before building a wireless network at home. Covers the basics of planning, installing, and using wireless LANs Reviews essential information on the latest security issues Delivers valuable tips on how to stay current with fast-moving technology Discusses how to share resources such as printers, scanners, an Internet connection, files, and more with multiple computers on one network Wireless Home Networking For Dummies, 4th Edition skips the technical jargon and gets you connected with need-to-know information on building a wireless home network.

Paperback: 384 pages

Publisher: For Dummies; 4 edition (November 16, 2010)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0470877251

ISBN-13: 978-0470877258

Product Dimensions: 7.4 x 0.8 x 9.3 inches

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After years of dealing with the usual wire bundles under the desks, I decided to go wireless with my Macs. Although the maze of wires was a mess, at least there was some comfort in their their reliability and the thought of going wireless was a bit daunting.I have used many Dummies books in the past and decided to rely on one for my planned network. "Wireless Home Networking for Dummies" by Briere and Hurley filled the bill in an excellent manner. Some regard the thoroughness (some call it repetition) of Dummies books as a drawback but for the less-than-totally-expert technician, they are well and truly invaluable. Most contain some odd bits of humor which some regard as corny, but the lighter notes provide some comfort when feeling overwhelmed by a task.I was networking two new Intel Macs, a couple of printers and external drives, driven by an Apple Airport Extreme receiving signal from my internet provider's cable and my modem. Briere and Hurley guided me through the process, making sure that appropriate consideration was given to security through the use of names and passwords where advisable. The end result was a fully working network on the first try. Anybody driving by the house would need a large van full of decryption stuff to break into my network. Accommodation for a guest user of the network was provided as well as procedures for introducing Windows computers to the network.Although my interest was obviously Apple-related, the book is an equal-opportunity tome and thorough attention is given to constructing wireless networks around Windows-based equipment. This book is HIGHLY recommended.

My title may be misleading in that it may depict too much information. This is far from the truth. This book covers all aspect of a wireless network that's available. After reading this book, you'll walk away with a complete knowledge of how to create a wireless network. The contents is written in a manner most readers can understand. Technical terms are used but are explained using common terminology.Having years of computer technical background, I found this book complete in it's information. This is the ideal book for anyone in the computer field. The only drawback in this book becomes clear if all you want to do is a simple task such as creating a wireless network to access the internet. In such a case, to a non technical reader, you would have to dig through countless pages to find what is needed.I guess it comes down to if you want a book that shows you all aspects of a wireless network or a specific task. This book covers all of it.

I'm preparing for my first foray into wireless networking (yeah, I know, about time I got into the 21st century), and after online researching, was totally confused about where to start. I didn't even know enough to know what questions to ask.This handy little book went a long way toward helping me figure it all out. It assumes a basic knowledge of computers in general, but goes on to explain in plain English what wireless networking is, what it can do, and how you can do it. There are also little sidebars of more technical background information if you're so inclined, but you can ignore these and still get what you need to know from the main body of information.You will get good information on what equipment to buy (and not buy), how to set it up, pitfalls you may encounter, and much is written about the all-important wireless security measures you must take. Whether you simply want to network one desktop and one laptop, or go all out and turn your home into the Starship Enterprise, this book will help you.It does tend to get a little redundant in some areas, and of course there are the obligatory shameless plugs for other "dummies" books, but imo, these are not worth knocking a star off. And the authors readily admit that they are writing in generalities, as all homes and all systems are different, and have different requirements. So after reading this book, you will still need to do some further research to find specifically what works for you.But bottom line, I would highly recommend this book, whether you are a newbie to wireless, or just want to update yourself on the newest trends and technology. To me, it was well worth the price paid.

I found this book to be the only one I needed for several beginner wireless networking projects. Some people are unhappy with the Dummies books because of the wealth of information contained in each book. My eply is that these books are not meant to be read cover to cover like a novel, but selectively as your needs require. Of course there is overlap between chapters; the authors assume that you will dive into your particular area of interest so they treat each subject as completely as possible. If you are interested in Bluetooth applications (or just knowinbg what Bluetooth IS) you will find excellent coverage in the relevant chapters, there is np need to read the entire book. The same goes for gaming, networking entertainment centers, your mobile network, and any other subset of wireless interest. The chapters on Networking Fundamentals are there for you - you don't have to read them if you are already a power user, but for the novice there is a wellspring of information that will take the mystery out of home networking. This book is a 2011 edition, and things change quickly in the networking field, so be sure when you buy a book on this subject that it is not an outdated one. An earlier Dummies book Wi-Fi Home Networking Just the Steps For Dummies was published in 2006 and is largely outdated. For me, this was the go-to guide for virtually all of my projects, and I highly recommend it.

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